How to stop yourself from over snacking

How to stop yourself from over snacking

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Do you find yourself over snacking on nasty foods? Below are our top FIVE (5) tips to help you stop yourself from snacking while you are bored at home:

1.   Our first and biggest tip to help curb snacking is to not have un-necessary snacks in the house. If you’re at home and bored and you know in your mind that there is chocolate and other nasty treats in the cupboard, then you can guarantee and bet your house on it that they will be gone. When you do your shopping at the start of the week (with whatever is left in the supermarkets lol) only buy what’s 100% necessary and don’t buy extra snacks for you and the family. Leave them out of the house – PERIOD!

2.   Our next tip is to do with having some other “healthy treats” around the house that have far less calories in them then the other nasty foods we tend to look to. Some ideas are protein fudge, healthy protein pancakes, protein balls, healthy dark chocolate oats to name a few. (Please see our Instagram: ‘uncensoredsupplements’ for ideas)

3. Our next tip to help is don’t restrict yourself of the foods you love completely this is 100% where so many people go wrong. There is not one single person on the entire planet that goes 100% of the time living without their favourite food. Aim to operate under the 80/20 rule where for 80% of the time you’re consuming “healthy” foods that nourish the body then the other 20% of the time you can have the foods you love in moderation. This is such a good, balanced way to go about living this lifestyle in a healthy, controlled fashion rather than depriving yourself and then as a result binge eating. This doesn’t create a healthy relationship with food at all and something we highly recommend not doing.

4. The next tip is around self-control. You’re going to need to have some form of discipline and self-control. Have some snacks in moderation and then don’t go overboard. If you do go over that doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you HUMAN! Don’t beat yourself up simply move on, stay positive and get back into your healthy eating with the very next meal. #MoveOn

5. Our last tip to stop yourself from snacking is to fill yourself up by staying hydrated and to drink plenty of water. This will not only help you to stop yourself from snacking, but it also has so many other benefits as well. 

We hope these tips help. We are in this TOGETHER

Team Uncensored!