Imagine setting out to bake the perfect cake. Or build the perfect car. If you were looking to make the most perfect cake in the world or build the most boss car on the planet would you choose to leave out some of the main cake ingredients or build the car you want to build but choose to build it without an engine? Absolutely not well at least we would hope not.

This is the exact same when it comes to counting your calories and macros in the fitness game. When wanting to build your most perfect body or physique counting and tracking your food is almost dare we say it the most important part of the equation exactly like the engine is in a car and exactly like having all the correct ingredients when making the perfect cake.

The first thing we ask people when they approach us for help in this game is, what they are currently eating. If you aren’t tracking your food intake and measuring your portion sizes, you aren’t taking this game seriously and you’re playing the guessing game – it’s as simple as that. Some of us at team Uncensored played this same guessing game for 2-3 years at the start of our own fitness journey and it wasn’t until we educated ourselves about nutrition and just how important a role it plays in changing our body composition, we then started to see the results that we see today with our own physiques.

Saying that tracking your macros or weighing your food is “too hard” or too “time consuming” sorry but is complete nonsense. It’s like saying when changing a tire on a car that it’s too hard to make the bolts tight or you can’t be bothered making them fit firmly. Of course, when changing a tire, you would ensure the tire is fitted right otherwise the wheels will “fall off” so to speak. Well, it’s exactly the same as counting and tracking your food intake if you choose not to then the wheels WILL also fall off when it comes to changing your body composition and you will get frustrated, you’re not seeing results.

It’s all about getting in the right habits of tracking your food via my fitness pal, learning the correct portion sizes and then as we just mentioned getting in the right habits at each meal to simply weigh it out first.

Making this change alone will make such a massive difference. If you’re not sure how to calculate and track your calories, we highly suggest downloading the app “My Fitness Pal” OR you can start using the website:



Both are great tools and resources to start learning how to track your food intake.


We hope this helps and it assists you all in understanding the importance firstly that nutrition plays, secondly how vital it is to track your calorie intake and thirdly how exactly to start tracking your calories coming in to get you on the right path to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Remember to lose weight you need to be burning more calories than what you’re consuming so if you don’t know exactly what number to target each day then you will be forever lost and playing the guessing game.

Team Uncensored!